How to use PolyWatch ?


!! It's very Simple !!


We'll send you after your payment, some instructions and advices of use and preservation of the polywatch.


This PolyWatch allows you to polish plastic, synthetic watch glasses or plexi. Like Swatch, most of Rolex,Omega, Lip, Tissot,  and many other ancient watches, watch with fob, alarm clocks (like UTI) clocks, pendulums etc. 


You will just need a piece of cotton whool and your tube of polywatch, and in some minutes, your glass will have recovered and beautiful brightness and a new shine.


!! PolyWatch is not effective on CRACKS or BREAKS !!



Apply polyWatch to the watch crystal. Polish the scratched areas for 2-3 minutes with great pressure at a right angle to the scratches, using a piece of cotton wool. Deep scratches need to be treated more than once. Finally, remove any remaining polyWatch with a cloth. The tube contents of 5 ml is sufficient for approximately 10-12 applications.